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What better way to complete your day - Whether you have been hitting the slopes of Treble Cone

tramping through the Mt Aspiring National Park or just relaxing by Lake Wanaka.

Release your mind and body tensions in your very own portable Hot Tub

in the comfort and privacy of your own holiday retreat.

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Wanaka Hot Tub Hire - Spa Experience
Wanaka Private Hot Pools and Spa
Wanaka Spa Hire with Stunning Views
Hot Pools for Relaxation
Spa Pool setup and awaiting arrival

Your Spa Ready and Waiting - Every Last Detail Taken Care Of


From delivery to Setup - Our portable spa pools are delivered, setup, heated instantly and ready for use.

Safety First

Our first priority is checking suitability. We'll check your home or holiday rental at no cost to ensure setup is possible. Liasoning with your Queenstown or Wanaka rental agency is no problem.

We'll select the best location, remembering the all important view with safety as a priority.

Water Quality and Daily Maintenance

An optional water change can be booked in advance. We supply chlorine sachets for you to add to the water after use.  Our spas are easy to use and the control panel is self-explanatory, however a user guide is provided for essentials.

Our service

All inclusive from delivery and set up to empty and pack up.  The portable heating system allows instant hot water from the moment we fill the spa.  You can jump in and relax straight away. A spa can be waiting for your arrival or we can setup while you wait.

Using the Hot Pool

Easy to operate with a simple control panel.  You'll find operation easy, but there's a full user guide if you need help, or we're just a call away to assist.



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